"Live with an attitude of gratitude."

Quote: Opera Winfrey


To my clients;

Thank you for your encouragements,  
and for being the nicest clients I could ever wish for.
I hope my work has a visual impact in your home
 and that it brings you joy,

 Tina Weaver


"Art is an essential experience with your senses, that should not be explained; it should be experienced. Art is felt and it influences us humans. It can create a sense of calmness, harmony, and give time for reflection. All of this means a lot to me in my home and in my business, which is why I have consciously chosen art that I feel resonates highly and with the value of affecting me positively. Tina Wævers' paintings give me a very special feeling, and I resonate with her expression and her aesthetics. Furthermore, there are so many symbols in her works, both the meaning, the colors, the metals like gold leaf, and the text in the title, all of which give me a feeling of happiness. I have received pieces made by Tina, from my friends, for my important milestones. I have also invested in some of her paintings myself. What they all have in common is that they have a very special meaning to me and they will adorn and resonate in my most important rooms as long as I live."

With gratitude and affection

Rikke Hertz


Tina has painted the most beautiful painting for our little family. It is so beautiful, unique and lifts the energy in our living room. It is very personal and it has been painted especially for us. From our hearts, Thank you.

- Helena Henriete Lemonidis

"Tina, you have painted the most beautiful paintings for our home. I love when the sun's rays "catch" the picture, it is magical. Thank you for being you."

- Britta & Jens Ulrik Olsen

Wow, gorgeous Tina, I am completely touched and it is so beautiful - I love everything about the painting you have created for me.

- Charlotte Riis

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your beautiful paintings fill us with joy and complete our home near the sea."

- Gert og Gitte Lindheart

Thank you very much for the most beautiful painting. It will adorn our living room.

- Katrine Bach

"Thank you very much for the most beautiful painting, in your spirit! - it is magical."


- Ida Kloch Larsen