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Thoughts about ART


“There is something luxurious about having an original piece of art in your home. It might not be a necessity but a work of art, chosen for its beauty or emotional charge, can bring joy and pleasure every time you look at it. A specially chosen piece also expresses individuality and can bring a frisson of excitement into an otherwise bland space.

With my background in interior design, I am very conscious of how art - my art - can be used to create a particular look. I like my work to look raw, not too perfect. For me perfect is when you can see that it is made by hand, at speed, with passion and with love. Its imperfections are, for me, what makes it special, unique.

If you have invested in a piece of art, it is a shame if you cannot see it properly. A few carefully positioned spotlights, or some decorative lighting, maybe a big gallery lamp to add drama, will help you to appreciate the details, the nuances of colour as the light changes from day to night. The way an artwork is lit in the evening can make it look completely different as metals glow and shadows dance.

Do not be afraid to buy a large piece of art. A big painting can transform an otherwise bland interior bringing in colour, texture, drama, a visual narrative. Paintings do not always have to be wall mounted. A piece of art can look just as cool leant against a wall. Experiment by trying it out on different walls, in different rooms, and at various times of day as the sun moves rounds.  

Every time you put a piece of art in a new place, it takes on a new life. When you hang it in a different space, it’s like buying a new painting. Now that is value for money and you get to enjoy it all over again with the same feeling you had when you bought it new.”

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Art creates a personal home


"First attraction”
"First attraction”


Commissioned work


Whether you are looking for art for your home or a personalised present, Tina is happy to take commissions.   

Tina often creates silhouettes of people and these can be personalised especially for you. For example, silhouettes of couples are a great present for someone you love or for engagements, weddings & anniversaries. Tina can also make silhouettes of families with children. The silhouettes can be made in gold, silver or copper metal. The artwork can be made on cardboard, cotton paper (which should then be framed), or on canvas, to your required size. You can even choose you own favourite colours, or get advice from the artist.


Strandvejen 142

2900 Hellerup

Phone: 29 92 72 43

E-mail: tina@tinaweaver.dk

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